About Us

The State Troopers Superior Officers Association, known to New Jersey Troopers as the SOA, is the bargaining unit for Lieutenants and Captains. This Association became a nonprofit corporation in 1991. The SOA is governed by an executive board consisting of a President, Vice President, Vice President of Legislation, Treasurer, Secretary and Sergeant at Arms. The regular membership of this Association elects officials to their positions. Executive Board members assume the responsibility of implementing programs and policy, formulating new programs and policy regarding membership consideration, and governs the SOA between meetings. It is the ultimate responsibility of the regular membership to govern the SOA’s policies and programs through resolution.

The mission of the SOA is to provide for the protection, general welfare and advancement of its members in good standing; to promote mutual aid between and among its members; and to promote, improve and advance through all lawful and democratic means the welfare, interests and conditions of employment of its members and other commissioned officers of the New Jersey State Police. Toward those ends, the organization shall at all times take any lawful and reasonable steps to assert its rights, fulfill its responsibilities, and protect its status as the certified bargaining agent for the bargaining unit consisting of the Lieutenants and Captains of the New Jersey State Police.

President, Frank Serratore
President STSOA